Monday, January 5, 2009

Tricky Bedtimes

I hate bedtimes.  To any new parent who comes across this blog:  when they tell you that your baby needs to learn to sleep by her/himself, you should listen.  It is true.

I have a 2-, a 4-, and a 6-year-old who scream if I leave the room during bedtime.  They literally cannot (or will not) put themselves to sleep.  And, if this isn't bad enough, they also migrate to our bedroom.  Every.  Single.  Night.

Now, I know, when they are teenagers they will SHRINK in HORROR at the thought of even a bedtime hug.  For now, I must admit, I could do with a little less closeness.  Every single night, I am awoken by someone either crying first or just coming directly into my bed.  Every single morning, I wake up with my arms asleep (because they are cradling a 38-lb. 2-year-old).  The sleeping with your baby thing is great when your baby is, well, a BABY.  Not when your "baby" is a giant Rose #3. 

We have some serious improvement to do around here in terms of sleeping.  And in terms of TV time (don't get me started), gratitude for what we've been given, peace, love and understanding, etc.  The work is unending.  And daunting, no?

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