Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bath Night

After a delicious meal of homemade bread, spaghetti and meatballs, and broccoli, everyone was messy. So they all took a bath together.  The first shot is Rose #1, and you can see why we call her sharkgirl:  

Did you know that they do not pull baby teeth, even if the ginormous adult teeth have fully grown in behind the baby teeth, and it is unlikely that the baby teeth will ever, ever fall out?  Like Rose #3 could be getting MARRIED with two sets of teeth, and the Tooth Fairy will not even know our address?  It is true, I have asked our dentist.  Repeatedly.

You can see the evidence of the spaghetti a little bit better in the shot below.  There is the telltale ring of spaghetti sauce around the mouths:
Every now and then people ask me if the Roses are twins or triplets.  I can't see it.  

Also, BTW, and I know Aunt Boo will be glad to know this - the Roses get TONS of compliments on their haircuts.  Aren't they lucky to have such a nice auntie who is also a professional stylist?

Tonight at dinner, on a different note, we were talking about why we are happy that Barack Obama is going to be the president.  Rose #1 is going to watch the inauguration at school on Tuesday.  This made me remember a long, long time ago when Hubert H. Humphrey died and my second grade class walked over to Summit Avenue to watch his funeral procession.  I wonder which memories Rose #1 will have.  When I asked her why she thought it was important that Barack Obama is going to be president, she said it was because he is the first African American president.  I thought that was a great answer.

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