Saturday, January 17, 2009

Trip to the Zoo!

Today we went with Guppy and Sam, Maddie, Uncle Andy and Aunt Tonya to the zoo! It was really fun.  Right inside the Tropics trail is a large tortoise statue which the kids ran to right away.  Of course we had to take a couple of photos.   Here is Rose #3 smiling on the tortoise's neck.  And here is Rose #2.  We went to her school carnival last night, and it struck me how big she is getting!  As soon as we got to the carnival she found her teacher (Ms. S.!) and ran right to her and hugged her.  Very cute.  Rose #2 mostly liked running around at the zoo.  In this picture she is wearing her Christmas shirt from Aunt Tonya and Maddie!
I didn't get any good shots of Rose #1 before the camera battery died (of course it died in the middle of the zoo).  Here is a fairly cute one of Rose #1 and #2 on the tortoise.  The reason I didn't get Rose #1 is she was off like a shot with her cousin Sammy.
Here is the whole crew.  You can see Aunt Tonya on the left, the cousins all on the tortoise in the middle, and Uncle Andy holding up Sam and Maddie in the background.
One problem with going to the zoo with small children is you really don't see the animals.  You mostly see the kids running around and worry that one will slip away.  And fall, for example, into the Tide Pool.  That is an inside joke.

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