Monday, January 26, 2009


So, one day last week I realized that the Kids Were Looking Sorta Shaggy!  And, It Had Been Awhile Since We Had Their Hair Cut!  In another family, one not as fortunate as ours, I would have to call some kid haircutting salon.  In my family, we just log onto the family calendar and sign up for a haircut time with Aunt Boo.

We LOVE Aunt Boo.  ("Aunt Boo, Aunt Boo, How are you? How are you?")  And not just because she gives us haircuts.  Mainly because she is so darn sweet and positive all the time!

Anyway, here is Rose #1 with her short hairdo.  She confided in me today that some of the kids at school tease her about looking like a boy.  What do you say to that?  Some of the kids tease her for going to the girls' bathroom; I guess she looks like a boy to them.  I suggested a couple of ideas - bring a pink t-shirt (we have a cute one that says:  You Can Beat Me.  In Your Dreams!  Girls Bring More Game) or a pink hair clip and put it on when you need to go potty, then take it off right away afterwards.  She didn't like this idea.  Rose #2 suggested saying:  "Hi!!  I'm a girlie girl!  Do you like Barbies?"

I am not sure what to do.  But I did want you to see how cute her hair looks with her new haircut:
Here is Rose #2, who was the shaggiest of the shaggy.  I LOVE her cute bob haircut.  Also her bangs look much better.  She cut her own bangs three times recently, despite my lecture ("who cuts hair in our family?"  "Aunt Boo."  "And who else?"  Blank stare.  "NOBODY.").
And Rose #3, who had the following conversation with me on the phone today:  "Hi Mommy.  How Are You.  Love You Too!"  (She always says "Love You Too" even if no one says "Love you Josie" - since "Love you Josie" MUST be what you mean!)
And here they are together.  I wish I had composed the shot better.  Next time...

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