Wednesday, January 28, 2009

When I Got Home Today...

I found the Roses not watching TV, not dancing to HSM3, but...reading!

Rose #1 was reading Princess Peepers.  It is a cute story about a princess who wears glasses but is teased about them, so she stops wearing them.  (Turns out Prince Charming wears glasses too...)

Rose #2 was reading a Disney storybook.  She is starting to show signs of learning to read - she memorizes stories and "reads" them, tries to guess the next words, etc.
Rose #3 was reading the ever-popular Halloween board book.  We got that book from Aunt Tonya and each one of the Roses have loved it.
I love coming home to find the kids reading.  I wish for them that they will become avid readers.  I LOVE reading.  If someone would pay me to read good books all day (rather than statutes and regulations) I would TOTALLY do that job.

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