Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Birthday To Rose #2

We had a great party for Rose #2 today! She will be 5 on Tuesday, and we celebrated with her cousins and her friends today. We had a fine Power Ranger cake, and Rose #2 made a big wish. I don't know what it was, but I sure hope it comes true:

Here is a closeup of the cake, by Aunt Charity. I sure wish she would go into business, because she makes a fine cake:
One of the games at the party was the "go fishing" game, where the kids put a "fishing pole" behind the fishing curtain. Rose #3 got a popcorn container!

Another game was Pin the Tail on the Zebra. I know, "donkey" is more traditional, but Rose #2 wanted Zebra. We are all about keeping Rose #2 happy:

Rose #2: I can remember the minute you were born, and I can't believe you are close to age 5! I can't wait for the next 5, to see how much more beautiful and sweet you become. I love you so much!

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