Friday, June 12, 2009

I wish I was a better mom

In the "good mom" column, I arranged for birthday cupcakes to be brought to Rose #2's class this past week. Here she is smiling for the camera in her #5 crown:

Below Rose #2 is enjoying her treat with the friends at her table. You can see behind her the age chart ("I am 4") - presumably she graduated to the "I am 5" chart above.

In the "bad mom" column:

  • It was not in fact me that went with the cupcakes to class. Although I am very grateful to Guppy for going, I always feel terrible that I can't go.
  • I forgot until now that Rose #2 had a field trip to Dodge Farm this week. I was only reminded when I read the report in her folder from her teacher. How could I forget something like this? Why don't I have a good system to remember all of the comings and goings? It is only going to get worse, and I will be the *totally* clueless mom who is late for soccer and who forgets the dance rehearsal. Then it will get really bad, and my teenage girls will be skipping out on curfew.
  • I throw away my kids artwork. Really, I do. I don't know what to do with it. Why doesn't someone come up with a system? Which ones should I keep, anyway, and which ones are OK to toss? Why do the kids always get drawn to the recycle bin or the garbage can after I put an item of artwork in there? Why?
  • I am terrible about buying cute clothes for the kids. Some moms are super picky about every single thread that goes on their children's backs, and I can't bear to fight mine on what they wear. Plus, I am so cheap.
More confessions of a bad mom, tomorrow.

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