Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We're all missing Daddy

The girls really miss their daddy, who is gone on a business trip until Friday night late (11 p.m.). I miss him too, for lots of reasons:

1. Rose #3 is not feeling well. You can tell. She seemed to be bouncing back from whatever it was - bronchitis? Flu? No one can exactly tell us what is wrong with her. But tonight she was veering from feeling OK to feeling crummy again. I am worried about her.

2. Rose #2 is also not feeling well. She was running about 100 degree fever this morning, so she stayed home from school. She had a vaccine yesterday, so I am not sure if it is because of that or if she has what Rose #3 has. We're supposed to be going to Kirksville next week, and I really hope we can go.

3. Rose #1 misses her daddy bad. She came upon a watch today - I don't exactly know where she found it, to be honest - but it looks like her dad's watch. Big, bulky, digital, etc. She wore it without stopping all day.

4. I had to miss my writing class tonight because of all of the sickness floating around. We had a babysitter lined up but this particular babysitter is a bad candidate for getting the flu. Next week there is no class because of the 4th. Two more weeks!

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