Tuesday, June 16, 2009

MND at Harriet Island

MND was at Harriet Island this week! I had my camera in my purse, so I took a few shots.

First pic: Rose #1 pouting. This was a fake pout, BTW. She actually had a fabulous time, and that is surprising since Sam was sick this week and not able to be there!

Rose #2 was hamming it up. This was before she got a bang trim from her fabulous Aunt Boo. Look at that one hank of long, long bang hair!

And my little Rose #3. She was smiling with her cousin Baby Kate on the playground in this picture:

I got one quick group shot on top of this very curious item of playground equipment. It is a faucet on the top of a long stone or brick expanse. I was actually wondering why Rose #1 and #2 were playing so long with their cousin Bea at the playground without needing adult diversion. The reason: water play! Hooray for water!

Baby Kate got into the spirit of dancing atop this strange play equipment in her bare feet. Here she is behind Rose #1, looking pleased to be part of the gang and only a tiny bit perturbed that her feet were in very, very cold water:

And here are two good-lookin' cousins smiling together:

And finally, while the women tended the young-uns, the men watched a barge float down the Mississippi River:

Harriet Island is an excellent spot for a picnic. I highly recommend it!

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