Friday, June 26, 2009

Rose #1's Play!

We went to see Rose #1 in her Neverland play today. Her role was Scaley the Fish. It was a complex (not actually unintelligible) story about Peter Pan and Wendy returning to Neverland after they grew up. Here is Rose #3 anxiously awaiting the show:

Sam and Maddie came too, and the lucky kids got to sit in the front row. They were excited to see the play:
The actual shots of the play are a little hard to decipher. Rose #1 is obviously the cutest, most talented child in the production (but of course, you say), and she has what may or may not be a bedsheet tied jauntily around her neck:

Here is Rose #1 singing. I think she genuinely likes being on stage, which is a quality I hope she does not lose:

And in this shot I caught her looking out at the audience:

This is the, "Phew, we're done" shot.

The play was the finale to Rose #1's summer camp at Steppingstone Theatre. I highly recommend their summer camp program. Rose #1 clearly loved it!

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