Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Coach Pitch Night

This is day 4 of H's absence, if you count the day he left (and you DO count the day he left, by the way). We had coach pitch tonight, which is pre-softball. Rose #1 is the only one playing from our family, and she does a nice job. Here she is on third base, posing for a photo from her crazy mom who hoots and hollers from the sidelines when she is running or batting:

Rose #2 posed for a picture in front of the chainlink fence, which she decided to climb. Two or three steps up she remembered and turned around to look at me, to gauge whether I was approving of her climb, or not. I said that if she had to stop and ask if it was a good idea to do what she was doing, the answer would generally be "no".

And Rose #3, not to be left behind or forgotten.

I was in kind of a bad mood with everyone tonight - I am tired, it is a really long week without H, H called for a goodnight call for the girls right smack in the middle of storytime and it was getting really late, Rose #3 right after we turned out the lights peed through her diaper onto her jammies and bedclothes, and I cannot for the life of me get our toiled unplugged. Sigh. I wish I was the kind of mom who takes everything in stride. It is just not me. Anyway, perhaps tomorrow will be a better day.

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