Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Skirts and Scarves at MND

Guppy sewed skirts and scarves for the kids, and gave them out at MND!

Is this not the absolute cutest group of kids you have ever, ever seen? Here is some information about them, left to right:

On the far left is Bea, who once (famously) (in January 2009) fell down in the tide pool at the Minnesota Zoo. I thought of this because before surrendering to sleep tonight, Rose #3 said, "Remember Beatrice fell down tide pool?"

Next to Bea is Rose #2, who did not change out of her school clothes before going to MND! The school uniform summer t-shirt goes well with the 4th of July skirt, I think.

Next to Rose #2 is Maddie, who was inexplicably afraid of the horse in Kirksville. Maddie is a very tough little girl, but the horse was apparently too much for her!

Next to Maddie is Rose #3, who was running today and fell down, getting a very large owie on her elbow! She looked quite distraught when telling me about it, but perked right up as she recounted that our nanny gave her a bandaid. She loves bandaids. Note how Rose #3 is holding the hand of...

Baby Kate! I LOVE this picture of Baby Kate since she is right in the thick of things AND is she smiling a big, big smile.

Rose #1 is next to Baby Kate. Can you even believe it, Rose #1 wore a skirt! She removed it immediately following the picture, but she still managed to put it on. I think she looks beautiful in a skirt, but I am just the mom. What does mom know anyway?

Next to Rose #1, of course, is Sam. Sam looks very dapper in his 4th of July neck kerchief.

And circling back to the front row, sitting on his truck, is Gus. Gus came over to me at MND and laid his head on my lap, which I found quite endearing.

Thank you for the picture Guppy!

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