Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hats Off to Single Moms (and thank goodness for a good support system)

Tonight I really, really wanted to go to my writing class. In light of H's absence in El Paso, I put out an email to my family asking if anyone would be willing to watch the Roses so I could go to class. 15 minutes later, I was covered. Thank you Guppy and Heidi for volunteering.

I really have to tip my hat to single moms. I can only surmise how hard it is - I am weary after only 48 hours. (Is that all? Only 48 hours? Why does it feel like 48 DAYS?) And it hasn't been that hard - I get out of the house to go to work, and we have an extremely kind, hardworking and willing-to-make-dinner nanny. I have it so, so easy by comparison.

But there are little cracks in my patience level, already. Example: Rose #2 used our bathroom, which is against the rules, by the way, and put a wad of toilet paper the size of my HEAD down it. I still have not been able to plunge the darn thing out. If H were here, it would have been fixed 24 hours ago. And the endless round of potty, wash hands, dry hands, etc. with Rose #3 is wearying. I had to ask Rose #2 to get undressed for her shower about 1,893 times before she actually did it, and she only actually did it when I walked her over to the laundry basket so she would not get distracted. I am solely responsible for taking out the garbage, locking up the house, killing stray and random bugs - why did the bugs wait for H to leave for Texas to ALL COME INTO THE HOUSE? So far I have killed a beetle, one of those awful basement bugs with 18,000,000 legs, and various flies and ants. I hate killing bugs. Not because I feel sorry for them either. Mainly because I feel sorry for me, having to crunch them and then pick up their dead bodies with a napkin, or worse, a Kleenex. Eeeeech.

H, hurry home to us. You need to plunge the toilet and do a shift on bug-killing duty. Plus we miss you.

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