Thursday, July 16, 2009

In the home stretch now

Three more bedtimes (counting tonight). Three more times that I have to wash Rose #3's hair whilst she screams BLOODY MURDER in the small bathroom. Three more nights that I will have a non-operative master bathroom. Have I mentioned that I HATE being a single mother for the week? But how could you resist these faces?

They wanted a bath - what could I say? I prefer showers - cleaner, less giant puddles on the floor, less time that I have to spend kneeling on the bathroom floor wrestling shampoo through the Roses' hair. But every now and then it is nice to have a good old fashioned bath.

We had a good evening. I am reading Beezus and Ramona to Rose #1 and tonight they played Beezus and Ramona. Rose #1 was Beezus, Rose #3 was Ramona, and poor old Rose #2 had to be Ralph, the imaginary lizard.

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