Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rose #2 is a 5-Year-Old Kindergartener!!

Rose #2 goes to a year-round school, and today was the last day of 4-year-old kindergarten. We were so pleased to learn that she has been promoted to 5-year-old kindergarten! We found out because she got a really great shirt:

We were a bit worried that she might be held back. Just kidding, of course. Who wouldn't want this cute thing in their 5-year-old kindergarten class!

We hope the answer to that is not Mrs. Webster, since it looks like she is ready for a repeat Rose performance. At least through Christmas vacation, since Mrs. Webster has more important things going on in the new year...

1 comment:

John and Lisa Webster said...

I'll take her, even though I'll be out for 12 weeks! :)