Saturday, August 1, 2009

Blueberry picking...

Today we went blueberry picking! The blueberry picking farm was quite a ways away - about 15 miles south of Red Wing. As Rose #1 said when we arrived, it was worth the drive. Blueberry picking is fun! There were a whole ton of blueberry bushes in long rows, and the Roses, Guppy, me and Aunt Heidi, Uncle Jay, and Beatrice and Gus went to town. The blueberries were so, so good right off the bush. They tasted blue. The texture was also quite good especially compared to blueberries that you buy at the store. Those blueberries are kind of mushy, and they always make me feel like I have to gag them down. These blueberries were firm and tart. Yummy.

After we were done picking, I got some pictures of the manual laborers. Rose #1 was very diligent about picking. She loved the berries and was very patient.

Rose #2 - my girl who said (at the age of about two): "I do not like fruit. I will spit it out" - did not enjoy the blueberry picking much. She tried one blueberry and did not like it, and then she mainly wanted to play on the tire swing. But she was a good girl:

Rose #3 loved the blueberries - picking them, eating them, spilling them, all of it.

I could not get a good shot of Gus, who is obscured behind the water cooler in this picture, but Bea will usually stand still and smile big. This picture was no exception:

Tomorrow morning I am going to try to make homemade blueberry muffins with very, very fresh blueberries!

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