Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Putting the Roses to bed

We are the poster parents for bad sleep habits. We have finally kicked Roses #1 and 2 out of our room at night. Rose #3, not so much. She still creeps in with me every night. A part of me, OK, a big part of me, doesn't mind. She is unequivocally my last baby, and as Rose #1 in particular grows up so quickly - lost tooth #5 tonight!! off to second grade in a couple of weeks!! reads Harry Potter all by herself!! - I am holding onto Rose #3's chubby baby arms and baby cheeks as long as I can. (She's not that babyish anymore, at age 3.)

Another confession: I sit in their bedroom while they fall asleep. I've done this on and off (mostly on) since Rose #1 was born. Seven long years of sacrificing 30 minutes each night to be present with my girls while they nod off.

An Aside: I am a bit weary of saying "SHHHHHHHHHHHH!" and "Do you want me to leave this room right now?" as they settle down.

Tonight Rose #1 asked me if I like staying with them when they fall asleep. I said it was a good question, and I mostly like staying with them. This is true. She said: "I think of it as a way for you to spend more time with us, since you have to work so much."

Out of the mouths of babes. That's exactly what it is, and exactly why I co-slept with my girls, and why I could hardly bear to kick the older kids out of our bedroom, and why I sit in here, night after night. I just have to remember that the day will come when they won't even want me to hug them, let alone stay in their room...

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