Monday, August 31, 2009

State Fair 2009

Oh, the State Fair. It is an experience like no other. We got there (after much maneuvering to park...we should just always follow the same routine...park in old neighborhood and walk...) and immediately Rose #3 had to go potty. I'm talking we were not even THROUGH THE GATES when she started the potty dance.

Did we go before we left home?

What a silly question.

Anyway. Major drawback to having all girls - mommy has to do all the potty runs. So, we ran to the potty, made it (PHEW) and found our way back to the rest of the family. Because there was clamouring for minidonuts, we meandered down Cooper Street. And, happened upon, wouldn't you know it, the Lego Experience. As Fair attractions go this was pretty good. The - er - kids - got Lego guy necklaces and got a sticker for each activity they did. Here we are below building "something you would find in the rain." Rose #1 thought up cloud, which the booth attendant said no one had done yet (very creative Rose #1!!) and I did a boring puddle But here we are building with our Legos:

Now, the Kidway is right across from the Legos. We managed to eat our minidonuts and then it was time to descend upon the RIDES! Rose #3 went by herself on the whales while Roses #2 and 1 and I waited in the line for the ferris wheel. Here is Rose #3 in motion:

And here we are post-ferris wheel ride. We had a good time! At first I was a touch nervous when the ride guy had us switch places with another family "to balance." Do you really need to balance a ferris wheel? I was sort of under the impression that it was strong enough to really hold people in any combination. I was also reminded, I must confess, of the movie The Notebook where the romantic lead character climbs up a ferris wheel. Uh, no thank you. I was nervous enough that the car would somehow become separated from the main wheel. We all made it down safely, as you can see:

This is just a cute shot of Roses #2 and 3 riding together in the wagon. Rose #2 was a really good girl at the fair. She did not complain, hardly, and she walked a TON.

After a large quantity of fried food we were making our way over to the dairy building for - what else? - ice cream, and we spied this aptly-named restaurant which I think is in the horticulture building. Next year we are definitely eating at The Peg:

Things were fabulous at the Fair until the very end when all, and I mean all, of the fried food caught up with Rose #1. Last year's upchucker: Rose #3. This year's: Rose #1. Look out Rose #2 - your turn for 2010!

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