Monday, August 17, 2009

MND Newsletter

Rose #1 had a very brilliant idea, which was to make a newsletter for Monday Night Dinner. We had the first edition tonight. Rose #1 wrote some of it, and I wrote the rest.

Here were the headlines:

"Celebrating August Birthdays"
"Waterpark Fun" (regarding our weekend trip to Cascade Bay, which was really quite fun and at which Rose #1 took it upon herself to slide down the big steep slide in 6" water without asking permission, and being just fine anyway)
"Baby Kate Took 5 Steps"
"3-Day Walk Coming Soon" (to donate)
"H to El Paso, TX - Again" (need I say more. That's one of the articles I wrote.)
"Guppy Loves Her I-Phone"
"Memory" (regarding a funny answering machine message that I recall from my childhood)

If any BECHAMPer is reading and wants to submit an item for next week's MND Newsletter, it is a free for all. The only rules are: no leaving people out, and no making fun or being mean. Otherwise, GO FOR IT!

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