Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shiny New Haircuts and...Tomatoes?

An actual post with pictures. This is a novelty!

Two important things happened tonight. First, the Roses got haircuts. Seriously, you should go check out Aunt Boo at Petite Salon. Rose #1, my total tomboy, reported with absolute glee that Aunt Boo used "product" in her hair today. This warms my heart. Rose #2 (not crosseyed despite the look in this picture) got her hair chopped off! I was actually rather surprised when I saw her. I am actually just fine with the Roses picking their own hairdos (this may be directly related to the importance I attribute to my own appearance...something I actually want to and should work on...) but it took me a minute to get used to. It is, thanks to Aunt Boo, absolutely darling.
And Rose #3, who has the fastest growing hair I have ever, ever seen. In this picture she unfortunately has a mouth full of homegrown tomatoes. (Don't look now, but isn't that - wait for it - a picture of the tomatoes below??)
Why yes. Yes it is. Oh, did I mention? We grew these! Thanks to the forebearance of our neighbors, who did not even bat an eye when I asked if they minded if I cleared out a small patch on our property adjacent to their BEAUTIFUL FLOWER GARDEN (which has been encroached upon by a tomato jungle, I am ashamed to admit), we have a ton of tomatoes. Rose #1 and I LOVE tomatoes. Even #2 and #3 will eat sliced tomatoes if there is a sprinkle of salt on them.

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