Monday, August 10, 2009

This Just In: Another Trip to El Paso

H to travel to El Paso again next week. Hmmm. That means I get to work extra hard this week in exchange for being a single mom next week. Can't hardly wait. ??

The Roses have learned to snap, led by Rose #3. Yes, my 3-year-old daughter learned how to snap before the 5- and 7-year-old. Rose #3's brashness and leadership shine through again.

Rose #2 is in fact laying in bed snapping right now. This is in lieu of falling asleep, you understand.

Rose #1 was playing with the next door neighbor boy tonight and as he went in his house, he said: "I've never said this before, but you're AWESOME!"

Awesome, snappy, overtired children. Can't wait to do it by myself again next week.

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