Wednesday, August 5, 2009


OK, the title didn't come out as witty as I had hoped. I have been going through a bout of ennui about my blog. Maybe it is because I am writing a lot of other stuff. I am in a course at The Loft in Minneapolis about forming and retaining sustainable writing habits. The instructor has us set goals each week for how much writing we want to do, and darn it, she has us BET on ourselves. So, never one to lose a bet that I can actually impact - you know, the Powerball is not one of those bets, more's the pity - I have to keep doing the goals that I set. But I am writing. A lot. I finished (FINISHED!) a draft of a short story. Good thing it is OK to write sh**ty first drafts (apologies to Anne Lamott). And I have been doing a bunch of other writing.

So I haven't been terribly prolific here. But the Roses are still around. Rose #1 and #2 are going to a really fabulous day camp at St. Thomas. They swim, play games, do crafts, and they just love it. Rose #3 is getting massive one-on-one nanny time with our truly outstanding nanny Lauren. The only stick in my craw is how little time I get to be with them. Why aren't I gutsy enough to do something about it?

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