Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rose #3 Loves to Swing

Here is something I always say about going to the park: it ought to be about running around and getting tired! A lot of times it ends up being about swinging on the baby swings as long as possible until Mommy simply refuses to push anymore. Here is Rose #3, with whom I set off for the park alone (Roses #1 and #2 were waiting for the neighbor kids). She is gleeful, nay, jubilant, that I agreed to push her on the "beebee sing".
And here, looking contemplative and proceeding with a bit of trepidation as she got herself out of the beebee sing:
And safely ensconced in the other big red swing. I realize I did not focus the camera correctly but I loved the picture anyway.
I wish you could know Rose #3. She loves Gabriella from High School Musical. She worships her big sisters with fierce devotion, but she will also clock them hard on the arm with a lightsaber if given a chance. She loves strawberries and Dora. Our "surprise" baby is quite a character.
Tonight as I was kissing her goodnight Rose #1 told me that she didn't think I could know how big a part of her heart I, her daddy and her sisters are. Oh yeah? Wanna bet?

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