Friday, May 23, 2008

Getting Ready for the Big Birthday Party

Tomorrow is the big 40th birthday party for the father of Roses #1-3! Today the mother of the Roses is prepping for the big bash. 100 guests will be joining us for a cookout at a local park, a kid-friendly event, of course. The father of the Roses is an identical twin, so his brother will be there for the party too.

We are very excited and I am counting my blessings that my husband is healthy, happy and turning 40.

Tonight Rose #1 sleeps over at her cousin's house. Her cousin is about 5 months younger than her and they are thick as thieves. They ride bikes together, have a Pokemon club together, and a secret handshake.

Rose #2 celebrated her birthday at preschool on Wednesday and the last day of preschool was yesterday. The "Teddy Bear" room said farewell to each other yesterday. Some kids are coming back next year to preschool, others, like Rose #2, are headed for pre-kindergarten in the public schools.

Rose #3 is working on her words. This morning she said "bye bye mama." That is a veritable masterpiece of speaking for Rose #3!!!

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