Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I've Always Wanted to Start a Blog

And now I have. Hmmmm. This will be interesting.

Rose #1 recently attained the ripe old age of 6. Her grandparents gave her an aquarium starter set. Before we are overrun with slime, etc. and delinquent on cleaning the contraption, we are still quite enthusiastic about setting up the aquarium so we all piled into the car tonight and headed out to the pet store. 15 lbs. of gravel, two resin/plastic toys (made in China) and one small bottle of water conditioner later, we are ready to set up the 10 gallon monster. It is hard to understand when you are 6 why you can't go home with the fish on the very first night.

Rose #2 picked out a very garish shell for the aquarium after being granted this privilege by Rose #1. She is my girly girl and wants everything pink! This is an orange shell that opens to display a fake pearl.

Rose #3 was transfixed by the RAT in the cage at the pet store. She also put her stinky feet in my face after we got back in the car. Every time she put her feet to my nose and I exclaimed "ooooh stinky feet" she fairly grunted with laughter and showed me her pearly white teeth!

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