Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Good Time Was Had By All

The party was a rip roaring success! Even though we had ominous weather midday (OK, it was cloudy and windy) it was gorgeous by evening. We had somewhere between 80 -90 guests for hamburgers, hotdogs, and potluck picnic. The birthday boy made a slideshow (popular, but poorly placed next to the waterguns for the kids!), we had music, kites, balls, one rendition of "Happy Birthday" to the father of the Roses and his brother, LOTS of treats, and a great time.

My favorite part was seeing everybody have a good time and seeing old friends. Rose #1's favorite part was playing with the waterguns and running around with her friends. Rose #2's favorite part was eating as many cupcakes as she could cram in her mouth without even asking permission. Rose #3's favorite part was flying kites with the neighbor kids.

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