Monday, May 26, 2008

The Lemonade Incident

Yesterday was a mellow, around-the-house kind of day. Until approximately 5:15 p.m, that is - more on that below.

Rose #1 had a fabulous outing with her best friend from daycare days. They had lunch and then went to a local amusement park (indoor amusement park, this is Minnesota after all) and rode the rides! Thanks Liz.

Rose #2 was very jealous so we had a cookie baking event (to appease her a bit). It was kind of a hot day so I didn't really want to turn on the oven. Oh well.

Rose #3 had to "help" with the cookies.

As we were preparing dinner, Roses #1 and #2 were fighting over playing games on our laptop computer. After a brief but horrible silence the father of the roses came running in for paper towels - lemonade spilled all down the keyboard of the laptop, and the monitor was making a horrible flickering before we came to our senses and removed the battery. The laptop is still sitting on its side letting the lemonade run out. Roses #1 and #2 were banished to their room before dinner.
The father of the roses had a part in designing a device that was on the Mars Phoenix lander, which successfully landed on Mars yesterday! Good job dear!

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