Saturday, May 24, 2008

The morning of the big party

Today is the big party! I spent most of yesterday preparing - mainly shopping. My mom and I went to a big box warehouse store to buy the food, then I went to see my sister and her 6-week-old, then to do more shopping. Boy, it is tough having a 6-week-old. A 6-week-old baby is not really a person yet, but her needs are so great! Hang in there, Boo, it gets easier. And she is so darn CUTE (both Boo and Baby Kate that is).

Last night we walked over to the local YUMMY ice cream place. Rose #2 wanted orange sherbert (this I don't get - why not get the full CHOCOLATE experience if it is offered to you!) and Rose #3 got cotton candy ice cream (I secretly really like the little hardened sugar bits in that ice cream flavor that taste just like real cotton candy). The Father of the Roses got some decadent coffee flavor. I nibbled on everyone else's. YUM.

We have a big day today. It is not every day you turn 40! And host a huge party for all of your 100 closest friends and relatives! I hope it goes smoothly.

Honey, I love you so much - Happy 40th!

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