Wednesday, May 28, 2008

No Pictures Today

Midweek is too crazy to post photos. We had a good night tonight. We have new neighbors to the east, a family with four kids. All older than our kids but so far they are playing together really well! Roses #1 and #2 really want to be outside playing with them (all the time!) and Rose #3 is trying hard to keep up. Just in the last two days she has developed an exponentially larger vocabulary: "shoes," "outside," "excuse me," "bye bye Tam Tam" (our new nanny). I think I have heard "I try that" but I might be wrong. Everyone says that the third child speaks later than the first two - she is surrounded by everyone who talks for her - but I am relieved at each new word that comes out of her mouth. When we go for her 2-year-old checkup I will be able to honestly say that she has a 20 word vocabulary! Or maybe it will be even bigger by then.

Tomorrow night is an open house for Rose #1's new school. We are excited for her to attend this school, which is a grade 1-8 school. I remember junior high as a very painful time, so maybe by being in a school that goes through 8th grade Rose #1 will have an easier time. Changing schools in 7th grade and having to make all new friends, especially at that tricky preadolescent time, is tough.

Rose #2 is getting signed up for summer activities. Preschool ended last week and now she is at loose ends. So far we have tennis two mornings per week (her grandmother will bring her), swimming lessons for a couple of weeks, a weeklong sports camp (OK, intro to sports, she is only age 3 after all!) and two weeks of day camp in August after Rose #1's school is out for the summer. They will go together.

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