Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nothing Much is Going On

I know I've been absent for awhile, all you faithful readers of mine (all two of you).  Here is an update on the Roses:

Rose #1:  I went to be parent volunteer at chess club last Friday!  It was great to see Rose #1 spot me in the cafeteria and run across the room for a hug.  I know if I am chess club parent in 6th grade she won't even want to greet me.  Chess for first graders is kind of a stretch, BTW.  The main duty of the chess club parent volunteer is stopping the kids from throwing chess pieces at one another.

Rose #2:  Home for the third week in a row!  Rose #2 goes to a year round school, and that means mainly that summer vacation is broken up into shorter stints throughout the year.  She will be more than ready to go back next week!

Rose #3:  Stinkpants.  She can really string together sentences now - like "Me Gabriella Mommy, you Troy."  Guess which DVD we got this week?

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