Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Photo You've Been Waiting For

Well, it doesn't have quite the dramatic effect I was hoping for, but here is the "lost tooth" shot:

It is hard to see the gap where Rose #1's baby tooth was, since the big girl teeth are right behind there... but the baby tooth fell out today!   I remember so clearly the night she got her first baby tooth - we were helping Heidi and Jay move into their first house.  Guppy had just returned from England, visting her friend Judy Windeler, and I was so proud to tell Guppy that Rose #1 had a tooth!  Yay.  Fast forward 6 years and now she lost the tooth!

Guppy made a fabulous tooth pillow, where the baby tooth is currently nestled, and where (hopefully anyway) the Tooth Fairy will leave the bounty (whatever the going rate is) for the first lost tooth.

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