Monday, February 9, 2009

Playdate with Ruhi

We had a very fun playdate this weekend with Rose #1's old friend Ruhi! We got a chance to see Ruhi's newly remodelled house in Minneapolis, and then we went to the Wild Rumpus bookstore.  That is a crazy place.  They have a rooster, a tarantula, some ferrets, birds, and cats.  Oh yes, and lots of books!  Rose #1 had to take benadryl before we went.   They also had a life size poster of Barack Obama!  Rose #3 says "Banka Banka" for Barack Obama.  It is cute.

Each girl picked out a new book.  Ruhi picked a Mo Willems pigeon book.  Here she is, reading it to us!!  I have known Ruhi since she was a little baby in the baby room at day care, and now she is reading a book to me.  It was a sight to behold.

In case you think that Rose #1 had her fingers in her mouth, you are right.  She is about to lose her first tooth (FINALLY) and her bottom left tooth is very, very loose.  Danglingly loose.  And Rose #3, you can see, found a hammer that she carried around all weekend.  She kept banging every surface in sight:  "I am fixing your [car] [table] [wall] [glasstop table]." 

On Sunday night we had friends over for dinner - H's old high school friend, his wife, and their two boys Daniel and Thomas.  The Roses were in heaven!  They love playing with older kids and especially love playing with kids who actually like Nerf guns, Star Wars, and jumping from the bunkbed.

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