Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday - Ladies' Night #2

I am going to try to post every Wednesday night with some candids from this week's ladies night...

Here are Roses #2 and #3 with me - now that Rose #1 has lost a tooth, she is mature enough to take a photo.  :-)
My digital camera has various settings, none of which I actually know how to operate.  There is apparently a setting called "flowing hair shots."  Rose #1 was being goofy and I caught her hair in midswish:
And Rose #2, in her Chequamegon t-shirt, is just so solid and cute.  She is SO smiley (except when she is mad because she doesn't get exactly as much CANDY as she wants).
Another swishy hair shot, this time Rose #3:
And a very, very funny shot of Rose #3, taken by Rose #2:
Once again, I LOVE nights with my girls.  Aren't they just DOLLS?

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