Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ghost Lake Camp 2008

This weekend H was in the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival, and we all went to a cabin nearby, about 14 miles out of Cable, WI on Ghost Lake. The cabin was fabulous and the kids had a great time. Here is the view out the kitchen window, looking down at Ghost Lake:We had yummy breakfasts both mornings, including Sunday. Rose #3 loves fruit with vanilla yogurt; you can see her at the end trying to spoon the yogurt into her mouth.
On Saturday night we had a roaring fire and Rose #1 read The Mitten to the kids.

The Fat Tire Festival is one of the biggest mountain biking events in the US. On Saturday we went to see H at the finish line, and it was a really neat family oriented festival at Telemark resort, which doubles as a ski place in the winter. People were there from all over the country, and we saw lots of muddy bikers. H did the 16 mile race, and I was very proud of him for finishing and for the time he did it in (1:21). There is also a 40 mile race, and those bikers ended up much muddier! I think their route got more rain or had more mud, or maybe both.
Unfortunately it rained most of the day on Saturday. We got out for a short walk with the girls, but mainly we were indoors. Huge bummer, since Ghost Lake camp has a number of boats and fishing rods! Rose #1 really wants to learn how to fish. Sunday was a bit nicer - we got out on the paddleboat - but only for a few minutes before we had to leave. We hope to go back next year for the race again.
P.S.: Congratulations to Jill and Tony on the birth of their twin daughters! We can't wait to see you guys!

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