Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Update on the Roses

Rose #3 is potty training! She does not want to wear diapers anymore, ever. She loves to say "go potty," mainly because it gets a rise out of any grownup in the vicinity. A surefire way to get Mom or Dad to run to the potty with you, so it must be good. I believe, I really believe, that my 6+ years of buying diapers is coming to an end. Hooray! Hooray! I wish you could see her sturdy little body that looks so grownup without that diaper bulge!

Rose #2 is adjusting to 4-year-old kindergarten. She reported that her teacher yelled at the kids today. When I asked why (in an alarmed tone of voice, I am sure), she first reported that it was because Mrs. S. didn't feel good - she had a tummyache. She then allowed as how it might have been because when Mrs. S. rang the "cleanup" bell, all the 4-year-olds ignored it. Rose #2, in case you were wondering, was either in the bathroom at the time, or sitting on the rug. I am not sure if she was supposed to be sitting on the rug or cleaning up. It is difficult to decipher the goings-on in the 4-year-old kindergarten room from the point of view of the 4-year-old kindergartener. I am sure Mrs. S. could tell me exactly what was going on!

Rose #1 is getting into the groove of having homework every night. Tonight I was late coming home from work and H had Rose #1 taking an inventory of the canned goods in the pantry for homework. H, an engineer by trade, disposition, and profession, really wants Rose #1 to be adept at mathematics. I say, Go for it! I think that is great homework. We have also done things like - take a phenology walk, write a story, read aloud, be read to, etc. etc. Rose #1 and I are reading the Little House books. After a bit of cajoling - they are books about a girl, after all, and Rose #1 is the ORIGINAL tomboy - she loves them. So do I. I hope she will always remember that we read those books together.

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