Thursday, September 4, 2008

Second Day of School Pictures!

Since the bus arrived too early and left too quickly for any pictures on Tuesday, here is a picture from Wednesday! Happily the bus stop is just down the block, so H has been able to bring Rose #1 to her bus each morning. Rose #3 is no longer permitted to go, since each time Rose #1 leaves, she sobs uncontrollably.So far it seems that first grade is going well. The first graders have started a phenology log - in case you don't know, phenology is the study of the times of recurring natural phenomena. My best guess is that this means "season watching," but they are using the proper scientific term. Rose #1 was breathless to report that they were observing flowers and bees, which sounds more like a spring phenological observation, but maybe there is still some pollenization going on in the late summer. Anyway, I am very, very hopeful that she is in the right school, the right environment, and she will get to know all the kids and they won't tease her. Phew.

Cross your fingers for next week, when Rose #2 starts 4-year-old kindergarten. We are very excited for that, and so is she. Tonight when I told her that 4-year-old kindergarten starts next week, she hopefully said, "Tomorrow?"

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