Monday, September 8, 2008

Rose #2's First Day of Pre-K

St. Paul offers a fabulous program - 4-year-old kindergarten! That was where Rose #1 learned to read, so we figured: a great place for Rose #2!! Today was the first day of 4-year-old kindergarten, and we have a little tradition where Ahma and Ahgong come over to see the child off on the bus. Rose #2 was so happy to be with Ahma and Ahgong and have the spotlight on her:We went down to the bus stop and then sat on the big retaining wall for a family photo. I am sorry that Rose #1 was already at school - her bus comes about 30 minutes before Rose #2's (at the same corner, I might add):
Here is the big 4-year-old kindergartener herself. She has a Disney princess backpack (with her bus tags of course!) and I finally did get my act together to buy school logo sweatshirts (lucky since it has been about 55 degrees the past few mornings):
The bus was on time (hooray) and I had to give Rose #2 a quick kiss before she left:

And, thanks to her daddy's good photography skills, a photo of her looking out the window:

She seems so tiny, but I know she will be fine. Rose #2 - I am so proud of you, you big, big girl! You are so ready for 4-year-old kindergarten (heck, you are ready for 5-year-old kindergarten). You are going to take the place by storm!

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