Monday, August 4, 2008


I mentioned in my last post that Guppy and Poppy just returned from Seattle, where they rode the ducks. I did not even know they HAD ducks in Seattle. But yes, they do have ducks in Seattle, and what's more, they have extremely annoying DUCK HONKER TOYS. Guppy and Poppy lined the grandchildren up in a row, tallest to shortest, had them close their eyes, and hung duck honker toys around their necks. 18,000,000 honks later, the duck honker toys were confiscated before bedtime.

Some ideas for retribution:

1. Call up Poppy right before a meditation session and have a grandchild honk the honker toy into the phone. Repeatedly.
2. Call up Guppy right before bed and have a grandchild honk the honker toy...oh, you get the idea.

OK, I only have two ideas, and to be fair, they were really Uncle Andy's.

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Eli said...

Evidently there are lots of cities with Ducks (DUKW's). I posted this because your link is broken.