Friday, August 15, 2008

Planning Menus

I am obsessed with starting to plan our menus again. Our freezer is getting very low, and this "5:50 p.m., hungry kids, what's for dinner" thing is getting very old.

OK, one short photo insert before I start on planning menus:

H and the Roses climbed on the monkey bars at the park tonight. We had a great time at the Turtle Park. Roses #1 and 2 and I ran an obstacle course. (I won with the best time.) Then the Roses made friends with some preteen girls that were playing at the park and they ran around, playing tag, going down the slide, etc. A gorgeous evening, etc.

Back to menu planning. Here is my plan for this week:

Saturday - Chicken enchiladas (we are going to visit Jill and bring her dinner), broccoli, spanish rice

Sunday - Turkey lasagna, french bread, salad

Monday - MND (thank you Guppy!)

Tuesday - Chicken wild rice casserole, frozen veggies, dinner rolls (I am going to make an extra casserole for Jill for the freezer and one for us)

Wednesday - Turkey burgers, home fries, crudites

Thursday - Spaghetti night

Friday - Make your own pizza night

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