Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Night at a Wedding

My cousin's daughter Lauren got married today! We were invited to the reception and it was tonight! We had a very nice time. I decided that it is OK for my picture to appear on my own blog, so there are a few of me today. First, here are me and Rose #3. The dress she is wearing is a size 4T (she is 2):Here is Rose #2 smiling her sweet smile. She was in heaven because the dessert table was placed on the balcony, so she could steal away and sneak extra helpings of dessert.

Here is Rose #1 and me. Rose #1 did not care at all about taking a picture with me. All she wanted to do was find her cousin Sammy to dance.

My sister and her husband and baby were there too:

Here is me and Aunt Boo:

And another infrequent character on this blog, the father of the Roses:

I had to include this picture. The reception was at a local dance hall, and the dance instructors came out every 15 minutes or so to teach new dances. Here is the crowd doing the swing (or the salsa, I don't really know). But look very carefully in the middle of the unfocussed people and you will see a little head of dark hair and a pink dress (that's Rose #3!):

We wish Lauren and Ben every happiness. Thanks for inviting us! It is very brave to invite our family anywhere!

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