Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Silent auction for a good cause!

Tonight was Aunt Charity's silent auction for a good cause - the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk. Charity is walking this year. Please visit her personal webpage to make a donation! Katie is also walking. Please donate generously to the cause.

The auction and wine tasting was fun. Here are Uncle Eli and Aunt Brenna and Aunt Brenna's friend staffing the white wine/cheese/popcorn table:
Here are Guppy and Aunt Charity:
Guppy is a beneficiary of the research and the progress that the Susan G. Komen foundation has made. We are so grateful to them and we wholeheartedly support them and the 3 Day. Here is a silent auction attendee examining one of the items in the auction:

Another shot of Aunt Brenna and her girlfriends:

In all it was a successful event and we are excited for Aunt Charity to do the walk. (I got a few things in the auction myself, including a night of babysitting and a party to make steppingstones - mosaic pattern stones for the backyard or garden if we had one.)

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