Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Good Weekend

We had a good weekend. On Saturday Ahma and Ahgong took the Roses on an outing, and H and I had time to ourselves. We took advantage of the time and went rollerblading on the Big Rivers trail. Boy is it fun to just leave the house when you want to, without having a big to-do with the kids, grab your rollerblades, and actually EXERCISE for an hour. The way that we do the Big Rivers trail it ends up that the way is UP, and the way back is DOWN. It was beautiful weather and a beautiful rollerblade. After that we went out for lunch at an Italian deli and we sat on their divine back deck. No kids, just us grownups. Boy, was it nice.

On Saturday evening our very good friends stayed for dinner and for a sleepover! We had a great dinner - chicken and steak on the grill - and good conversation. The girls loved being together. Here they are on Sunday at snack time, eating chips. The box, which proves the aphorism that children will always rather play with the box than the thing that came in the box (although in this case it was a large sun umbrella, so it is better that they play with the box) was doubling as a boat. A boat which happened upon a can of Pringles, as it turns out:

Rose #4 was our guest. She is so sweet and polite, and she did not even cram the Pringles in her mouth (unlike the other Roses):

Rose #3, of course, had to cram about 6 Pringles in her mouth before she even could feel at all right about the situation:
Rose #2 really likes her modeling poses. It reminds me a lot of her Aunt Boo, who is also her birthday buddy:
And Rose #1 was hamming it up for the camera. I hope that one of these next few blog posts will be "Rose #1 lost a tooth," because one of the bottom ones is wiggly:
We are also glad that Guppy and Poppy are home from Seattle. They had a great time in Seattle especially at the Pike Place Market.

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