Saturday, August 30, 2008

Getting Ready for Bed

On Friday night the Roses were so cute getting ready for bed, I had to snap a few shots. Rose #2 loves the new toothpaste, which is Aquafresh, mainly because the pump thingy is easy to use. This is a lot of toothpaste!Rose #3 thinks in all seriousness that she can swim. Here she is laying down in the bathtub. Don't worry - by the time the water got a bit deeper I had her sitting up:
Here she was laughing at her immense talent for swimming:
One of my favorite things that Rose #3 does these days is say her own name. She can't say it very well - it ends up coming out like Shosie. It is amazing to think that two years ago she was just a little baby who could barely do anything but nurse, sleep and cry, and now she can say her very own name.

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