Friday, August 29, 2008

School Open Houses

Last night was the night of the double open house - Rose #1 at her school and Rose #2 at her school. Different schools! Rose #1's teacher is new to her school and seems very nice. We are super excited for Rose #1 to start first grade. Rose #1 has her own locker and already left a note in a friend's locker! Rose #1 looked at her locker and said, "what is that, Mom?" I said, "well, it is a place for your jacket and backpack," and she said, "No, I mean those holes!" I guess I never thought much about why a locker really needs air vents.

Rose #2's teacher is also new to her school. She used to be a special education teacher and decided to take on 4-year-old science kindergarteners for a change! We loved Rose #1's 4-year-old kindergarten teacher, and we are hoping that the new gal will be as effective for Rose #2. Rose #2 takes everything in stride - of course I am going to school, of course everything will be fine. This is in contrast to Rose #1, BTW.

Rose #3 was along for the ride, as usual. Her time will come!!

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