Sunday, August 24, 2008

An outdoor Saturday

The kids played outside with the neighbor kids, all day long, on Saturday. I mean, all day long. The only time they came in was - lunch, a forced visit to the doctor (Rose #3 has a sinus infection, got amoxicillin, blah blah blah) and a very, very brief dinner.

They played Star Wars, and run around the yard, and probably eight other games that I was not privy to. And at the end of the evening, our neighbors two houses down made a fire in their new fire pit. Here are some pictures of the tired players.

Rose #3 with very nice neighbor girl Krista, who dressed her in a sweatshirt:
Rose #1, smushing her face into a tennis racket:
Rose #2, striking a pose, as usual:
I couldn't get a good shot with the fire, so you mjust have to take my word for it - the kids were sitting around a firepit!

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