Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Night Menus

Well, we did really well with our menu plan last week. I fell off the wagon one night - Thursday night - when we unexpectedly got invited to our neighbors' house for their dog's birthday cake. (Yes, a Hannah Montana ice cream cake for Sienna the dog.) Rather than spaghetti with homemade sauce we had grilled cheese. That's OK.

Here is next week's menu:

Saturday - Pasta with Sausage and Peppers (p. 71, Silver Palate), bread, salad (double and bring dinner to Mary's family this week)
Sunday - Bombay Chicken Legs, Rice, Broccoli
Monday - MND (Thanks Guppy and Poppy!!)
Tuesday - Chicken Provencal, Egg Noodles, Fruit salad
Wednesday - Breakfast dinner
Thursday - Crock pot chicken, frozen veggies
Friday - Pork chops, citrus glazed carrots, bread

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