Sunday, November 13, 2011

Back from Vacay...

Oooo,I missed posting last night. That's because we were in Wisconsin Dells, and there was no wi fi at the hotel, at least no wi fi that we could easily access. So now I'm catching up. We went to a water park at Wisconsin Dells, where the Three Musketeers suited up for swimming (this is the first day on our way out to the first waterpark - there were three):

And this is the last morning, this morning, after I made them get out of the wave pool. I didn't suit up for swimming this morning, so I stood on the side of the pool and screamed like a fishwife for them to hang onto the tube! Hang on! Two Hands!! Finally the lifeguard asked me if they could actually swim (I said yes, which in the case of Rose #3 is only a slight exaggeration):
Before we left I was required to make good on my promise to let them play laser tag:
Rose #1 was very serious about laser tag and wanted to make sure her equipment was in working order:
Who knew that H wanted to play too?
Ah, Wisconsin Dells, we hardly got a chance to fully explore you. So many waterparks and resorts, so little time. Perhaps we will return anon.

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