Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday With the Roses (Post #5 of 30)

And so Friday turned into Saturday...on which we went to the library and filled up our book bag:
And Rose #3 went to gymnastics (please, oh please, oh please disregard the extremely full garbage can behind her...someday I will learn how to use photoshop or even learn how to compose a photo):

Saturday is also allowance day, and although this isn't one week's allowance (it is several, several), this is what we normally do on allowance day. Eat Sea Salt & Vinegar Pringles and spread out our dollar bills all over the table:

And after the library we did go to the Red Balloon, which is a very nice kids' book store on Grand Avenue. They are so wonderful. They give out red balloons (who would have thought it!) and Annie Barrows, the author of the Ivy and Bean series, will be there on November 19th! We're totally going to go and have Rose #1's copies of all 7 books that we own (so far!) autographed!

It was a lovely day. I love Saturdays!

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