Monday, November 14, 2011

An Old Photo of Flowers

I didn't take any new photos today, but I came across this old one on my camera from April 10, 2011:

On the one-year anniversary of Guppy's death my entire extended family provided the flowers for church. They were absolutely gorgeous. They were, um, rather large - we chipped in quite a bit of money all together and got a lot of flowers. Here are the Roses and me posing with the flowers at church:

And lest you think it was all peaceful and reflective, in fact, this is what most of my life is like ("Don't twirl by the flowers! You'll knock them over and break them and send a bunch of water and dirt over the altar! Stop! I told you to stop twirling!"):

It's funny the way that time goes by. For the longest time I could hardly even bear to look at these pictures on my camera; I rolled past them a bunch of times when I was looking at which photos to post or to delete. I am finally able to look at these and remember that day - and just think, if I am able to take out and process memories of the one-year anniversary of Guppy's death, in another decade or so I should be ready to process the actual day she died! This is real progress, my friends. When they tell you that everyone grieves in their own way, they are absolutely right. Why should I be surprised that I am a total weirdo in this when I am also a total weirdo in so many other areas of my life?

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