Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Night Sleepover (Post 4 of 30!)

And so we made it to Friday night! The Roses' cousins are sleeping over tonight! The younger cousins are in the basement watching TV (don't worry, they don't get to watch TV all week; they've earned it):

This one is lolling about on the trampoline. She is longish in the torso, which is why her belly button is showing:

Rose #2 called me "paparazzi" when I came downstairs with the camera and scooted behind the column...

And darling Maddie Kay with her long hair:

Rose #1 and Sam are reading "Nate the Great" books in the easy chair:

Aren't they so darn cute? I remember when we laid them together side by side on a blanket on the floor when they were tiny babies. Now they choose to sit side by side and read together. Love it!

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Anonymous said...

its called big nate not nate the great